Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope for May – Cosmopolitan

Add these dates to your GCal:

  • Tuesday, May 11: New Moon in Taurus
  • Thursday, May 13: Jupiter enters Pisces
  • Thursday, May 20: Sun enters Gemini
  • Wednesday, May 26: Full Moon in Sagittarius / Total Lunar Eclipse
  • Saturday, May 29: Mercury Retrograde

    May starts off relatively normal—you’re doing your regular ol’ Gemini things—and we love to see it. The first major celestial happening of the month occurs on May 11, when the Sun and Moon meet in Taurus, forming a New Moon in the area of your chart associated with the subconscious realm. You might try to resist the urge to rest (you are—after all—the Energizer bunny of the zodiac), but I implore you to seize the opportunity to relax, restore, and recharge. Whether you’re taking a nice, hot shower, indulging in your favorite Netflix series, or journaling your thoughts in a notebook, the New Moon is the only down time you’ll have this month…so lean into the chill. Because things are about to get wild.

    Just two days later, on May 13, Jupiter—the planet of expansion—steps into Pisces for the first time since 2010. Yes, it’s been a long time since Jupiter occupied this ethereal water sign…and for you, that means it’s been a minute since you’ve had the planet of luck and abundance activating your career zone. Damn, Gemini! Shit is about to get real! Jupiter is thrilled to be in Pisces (in traditional astrology, Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces), so celestial movement through this zodiac sign means you’re about to transform your pipe dreams into your day-to-day reality. Harness this energy by making a bold move. Whether you’re passing along your resume or attending a networking event, Jupiter will be sure to reward your ambition. Keep in mind, however, that Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius on July 28, so any actions taken now are creating a foundation for 2022, which will—undoubtedly—be your year. So yes, you’ve got time, but don’t be afraid to hustle with intention!

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    What’s more, your birthday season kicks off on May 20, when the Sun slides into your zodiac sign. Happy Solar Return, Gemini darling! You’ve been ready to celebrate, and now all eyes are officially on you. You’ll be feeling confident, passionate, and inspired, so embrace your signature style and…well, have fun!

    Are you hyped? Hell yes! Want more? Uh…okay!? On May 26, a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will electrify the sky, prompting major changes in…uh…virtually every aspect of your life. You know, NBD. In astrology, eclipses are associated with destiny, so pay extra close attention to the storylines, themes, narratives, and characters who are showing up in your life at the end of the month. No need to judge, Gemini babe, simply observe. There are still two more eclipses in this series (on June 10 and December 4, respectively), so you have more time to make sense of the madness. Plus, Mercury Retrograde begins just a few days later—on May 29—and that will definitely make things extra confusing.

    Wait…what? Yup! This month just keeps on giving, closing out with a notorious Mercury Retrograde in (*ahem*) your own zodiac sign. What’s more, Mercury is actually your planetary ruler, so this backwards motion is going to be extra extra. But keep things in perspective, Gemini babe: Mercury isn’t trying to ruin your life—it’s simply asking you to adopt a slightly different POV. Mercury Retrograde serves as a reminder that things aren’t always quite as they seem, and when we shift our viewpoint, we may see things even more clearly. Enjoy the inversion!

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