Your horoscope for the week ahead: A Full Moon and Sun-Venus conjunction will make for a very lucky period –

The Moon is waxing. Her potency is growing. We have just crossed the First Quarter Phase and are heading toward the Full Moon in fair-minded Libra at the end of the week on Sunday March 28. The week begins with a Mars trine Saturn. That is a constructive and industrious alignment. It will help you with everything you hope to achieve. You can get some good work done with it. 

Watch out for Tuesday’s Mercury square Mars lest it put you in a counterproductive, bad mood. That sounds kind of negative and, well, it could be, but if used constructively, it will give you the spark to get some overdue jobs done.

A sense of humour is essential when dealing with Mercury’s antics. But the pressure it brings is good. It will give you the grit, drive and determination to get through whatever obstacles are obstructing you. You will find the strength to do what needs to be done.

By Tuesday, you might notice communication problems and, of course, the usual glitches with travel, transportation and technology. Tempers can flare around you due to misunderstandings. Don’t take the flack. Take time to express yourself as clearly and succinctly as possible. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Don’t react prematurely. Turn every obstruction into a situation comedy. 

Venus is lost in the glare of the Sun at the moment. She won’t be visible again until the end of April and early May, when she will appear as a sparkling Evening Star after sunset. But this Friday, Venus will reach the far side of the Sun and align up in a straight line with Earth and the Sun in wilful Aries. This is known as a superior conjunction. The highly auspicious effect of this alignment will be magnified by the Full Moon. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 22, 2021.


You’ve got some big choices to make. You must make a clear decision and act on the purest possible motive. An oppressive force will be cast off. It is more important than ever to reaffirm your faith in yourself and your dreams. The Sun-Venus conjunction will assure you make progress regardless of your fears. You have the power to make miracles happen. It’s crucial to not let anything or anyone spoil your optimism. There is always a way around any obstacle, no matter how dire things might seem. Be thankful for the good that you have and the Universe will deliver more. 


There’s something thoroughly promising about what is in store for you. The key to carving out the future of your dreams is to maintain an open-minded attitude. Your life is slowly stabilizing and improving at every level. If you now establish a clear set of wise, kind and well thought through priorities in your mind, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to implement them. Make the most of a certain opportunity you are considering. The Sun-Venus connection will ensure that people of influence will be charmed into giving you what you need. At times like this, you will feel justifiably more inclined to trust your own judgment.  


It is commendable to aspire to be wise, restrained, intelligent and sensible, but life is rarely so easy. In fact, a perfect world would be quite boring without the mistakes of judgement we make. Unexpected actions can be exciting. If your world were populated only by your so-called wisest decisions, it could lack colour, drama and fun. Your current urge to pursue something seemingly silly may have more merit that you think. The Sun-Venus link will present you with an exciting possibility. It will offer you freedom from an encumbrance and introduce a rare sense of peace and prosperity into your world. 


Every so often we get a period of calm in our lives. Then, in a twinkling, troubles strike again. Put it down to the cosmos keeping you on your toes. Lately, you’ve been right up on your tippy toes like a ballet dancer. The Sun-Venus conjunction promises that the pressure will ease up as a wave of positive developments start to take place. It will free you from an encumbrance and introduce a rare sense of peace and prosperity into your world. When you see an exciting possibility come up, pursue it. You will feel determined to accomplish as much as you can, as fast as you can. 


There’s so much to do, to think about and to get involved with that you hardly know where to start or perhaps, more pointedly, where to stop. Watch for the tendency to push things forward so furiously that you overlook reasons why they’re not working. Yes, effort and energy do need to be applied, but so does common sense. The Sun-Venus conjunction will calm you down and thus prevent you from spoiling anything by forcing an issue too hard. You can’t remove a source of aggravation from your world, but you can resolve once and for all not to let it irritate you ever again. 


Trouble comes in many shapes and sizes. Just as you finish conquering it one day, it reappears in another disguise the next. A troubling dilemma can be undone when you expose the unconscious forces within you that created it. Look deep into yourself and ask why a certain problem is plaguing you. The Sun-Venus conjunction will help you in this regard by hearing your call and guiding you to enlightenment. Life is too short for tension and trouble. You now have an opportunity to eradicate one particular source. The effect will be liberating and invigorating. You’ll be much happier as a result.


Even with the best intentions at heart, it’s not always possible to see eye-to-eye with certain people. It’s not in your nature to suffer fools gladly, but considering the circumstance you find yourself in, it would certainly be better to approach it with humour rather than succumbing to irritation. It’s a state of mind that will put distance between you and trouble. You have tasks to perform and obligations to honour. Don’t let yourself be held back by matters which are essentially trivial. The Sun-Venus alignment will show you how to speed things up by removing factors that are creating stress and tension. It’s going to make a big difference. 


Even if you are being presented with a hundred reasons why you ought to lower your sights, don’t believe any of them. They are all false. Don’t just persevere, deliberately redouble your efforts to pursue a bright vision. With the Sun-Venus conjunction you’ll find that, if you continue to think high, happy thoughts, you can transcend all the difficulties you currently face. This is a good time to retool your strategies and get things in order. A calculated, well-studied plan will soon present itself. You can make it work. When decisions come directly from the intuitive source of your being, you are guaranteed success. Something big is happening. 


There’s plenty in your environment you could do without and issues you’d rather not face. Just think how much easier life would be if you didn’t have to go there, tackle this or deal with that. Much, though, of what you are up against now is essential. It may be a pain but it’s a pain you have to put up with. The Sun-Venus conjunction is granting you an exit plan. So, drop what you can drop but don’t worry about what you can’t drop. It’s essential to be at peace with yourself if you are to recognize and capitalize on opportunities that are imminent. Rarely, has your outlook been so thrilling and hopeful. 


You find yourself caught betwixt and between two opposing forces. A better balance needs to be struck. This week offers a real chance to attain it. Your strongest urges, deepest needs and most sincere aspirations can be achieved. A crucial insight will come into the root cause of a certain volatile situation. You can right wrongs and redress imbalances that have been allowed to exist, unchallenged, for ages. The Sun-Venus conjunction will give you a chance to escape your worries. Thanks to the growth of your personal power, you now tower over your challenges like a giant. 


Hard as it is to believe, benevolent forces are smiling on you and giving you a helping hand. You can change something crucial in your personal dynamics with someone that will allow you to commence a process of dialogue that brings a much-improved understanding. A certain long and tortuous ordeal is reaching the endgame. You won’t have to wait much longer before you clearly notice an improvement. The Sun-Venus conjunction will connect you with friends in high celestial realms who are working to bring you success. All you need to do is to trust them. 


An extremely powerful and constructive influence is now at work. It renders your current drama irrelevant. It makes your immediate dilemma seem almost trivial. Of course, you have problems. There is no use pretending that they will all just vanish, but you will discover that the secret to success rests on keeping your thoughts off issues that stir up feelings of fear. The Sun-Venus conjunction will direct your thoughts to a vision of victory. The upturn may not necessarily solve every problem all at once, but you will discover a way to restructure an arrangement that will lift your heart. 

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