Your horoscope for the week ahead: A Full Moon in Pisces will stir a sea of emotions in you –

Now that we are in the Virgo season, another summer with all its memories is fading into the past. It has provided us with a collection of photos and feelings. But now we can enjoy the fall season with its fresh air, cooler temperatures and the harvest season. 

Virgo season reaches its crescendo on Monday with a Full Moon in the opposite sign of spiritual Pisces. The Moon will be close to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. Prepare yourself for a close encounter with the mysteries of life as you wake up to your psychic side. The Moon in oceanic Pisces will wake up a sea of emotions and feelings. You’ll experience instant communication with people and sense the oneness of all life on Earth.

However, you won’t be entirely lost in a dreamy world of reflection. Mars, the planet of action, is close to the Sun. He will keep you alert. This Full Moon will be a good time to trigger your initiatives. Get moving with all those jobs that need doing. 

Jupiter has good news too as he connects auspiciously with Mercury. Look for Jupiter in the night sky. He is the brightest light to be seen. His connection to Mercury, the planet of thought, will stimulate your mind and the ideas that inspire you. 

Off to the right, see if you can spot Saturn — much dimmer but still a powerhouse of energy. You can count on Saturn to educate you on the pragmatic and practical side of life. 

Pluto gets in the mix with his intense energy squaring Mercury. This will cause unexpected delays and a few glitches. You’ll wonder if there is a Mercury retrograde in action. Accept these disruptions with a sense of humour. Mercury likes to laugh. Mercury is in clear-headed and logical Libra. The Mercury-Pluto link will dig up some hidden secrets that need to come into the light of day.  

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, September 20, 2021.


At the heart of every Aries dwells an incorrigible adventurer, an intrepid explorer and an indomitable seeker of challenges. You do what you can to prevent this predilection from surfacing too often. Big dramas develop and major changes take place whenever it gets a chance to assert itself. But, then again, when you repress this facet of your personality, irritations and frustrations often arise. Right now, it needs to be given a chance to lead you. Your apparent problem is actually an invitation to embark on an essential journey. The Full Moon in Pisces is opening a door that has been closed for far too long. 


You may be experiencing the warm flashes of a hopeful feeling. If so, have no fear that some disappointing development is about to damp down your enthusiasm and optimism. The Full Moon in Pisces is stoking the fire of hope in your heart for a while to come. And if, as yet, there seems to be precious little to get inspired about, keep an eye out, now, for welcome news or a reassuring gesture. Someone somewhere wants to help you. A situation that has been far less than ideal is willing to respond, very favourably, to a little injection of patience and positivity on your part. 


There is a temptation now, to do something big, bold and brave. The power of this Full Moon in Pisces is stirring you. You feel that you are dealing with a dramatic set of circumstances and a decisive demonstration of determination must be appropriate. It may well be, but you must evaluate the likely consequences of your plan. It’s got to be wiser to tiptoe carefully across a minefield than to stomp, with clumsy big boots into the midst of a volatile situation. Your life is not what it once was nor is it yet, fully, what it is about to become. You must, though, finish something that you have started. You’ll never regret the bright idea you are now putting into action. 


Anger can be a source of great motivation. If we are upset about something, if we have a point to prove, if we feel there is an injustice to be compensated for, we can use our fury to drive us on to impressive accomplishments. When, though, it is necessary to communicate clearly with one another, anger will not help the process. There can be no constructive dialogue in an irate state. Ideally, anger must be defused. If it can’t be, avoid discussion until it is. The Full Moon in Pisces insists that progress well worth celebrating is coming your way.  


A little peace would be nice. To attain it, all you need is a little co-operation. That’s surprisingly attainable now. Where there has been tension and turmoil of late, soon there will be relief and reassurance. Where all, for so long, has been confused and complicated, soon there will be clarity and simplicity. When you’ve got that in your life, what else do you need? If your mood is buoyant and your heart is light, the only power you want is the gentle ability to understand those around you and help them get what they seek. The Full Moon in Pisces will give you that power soon. 


You are gaining a wider perspective of a situation you once found quite troubling. You are starting to understand the true complexity of what you have been through. The good news is that it will now prove quite manageable. That which does not destroy us makes us stronger. That’s a well-known expression and it is, of course, quite true. You have faced a certain fear and transcended it. Yes, life has been pretty intense lately. Now, though, with a potent Full Moon in Pisces at work, you will be stronger than ever. Trust yourself and your extraordinary talents. You are on the winning track to success and fulfilment.


You may not be clairvoyant in the classic sense of that word, but you certainly have incisive skills that would put many psychics to shame. You can always tell, from a brief moment of listening to a person’s tone of voice, if they are happy or sad; lying or telling the truth; tense or relaxed. You can similarly instantly assess hidden nuances in the situations that you wander into. Your outlook, thanks to the Full Moon in Pisces, is good for business, for innovation and for inspiring personal communication. It will be better still if you remember that there’s much more going on in your world than the obvious. 


There’s no other time like the present, because all other times are times over which we have little or no control. Worrying about what happened yesterday or indulging in insecure thoughts about the future fills our head with useless chatter. Of course, we can use our experiences of the past to shape the future. But the present is the most important spot. All it takes is the determination to stop dwelling on what has happened and on what may happen next. This Full Moon in Pisces will inform you of what’s possible right now. And more is possible for you this week than you think. 


Look both ways before you cross the street. You can’t just assume, because there’s no traffic to your left, that the view from the right is equally clear. Nor can you look and then stride out regardless of what you have seen. The process is not a piece of pointless protocol or an academic exercise. It’s essential and it must be taken seriously. As with roads, so with all paths in life needing careful navigation. Check carefully before making a move. When the time is really right, you’ll feel really sure. You’ll know exactly what to do. The Full Moon in Pisces will lead you to that point of certainty. 


They often say there’s no substitute for experience. That is more or less true, but what about imagination. Sometimes it works far better. It can even be a deeply preferable alternative, especially now with a dreamy Full Moon in Pisces playing such a huge role. Right now, your imagination is your friend. Let yourself daydream a little. Einstein was known to daydream a lot. You might come up with some amazing theory about the speed of light. There is an idea that is calling out to you from the depths. Do a little practical exploration. Investigate further. And then make up your mind. Something good will come of it all. 


There’s always a reason to worry. It is almost as if, in some secret part of the world, some enormous factory is dedicated to the creation of causes for concern. Day and night, it spews out clouds of pollution through giant smokestacks, filling the air with urgency and uncertainty. The atmosphere is thus polluted, making it impossible for any of us to relax for more than a moment. But this gentle Full Moon in Pisces will filter your intake of air this week. You will be blessed with a positive perspective of every issue that has been troubling you. Breathe in the fresh clean air and relax.


You don’t have to stand up and be counted. There is, indeed, a strong argument for relaxing a little now. You have a lot of power on your side right now with Full Moon in spiritual Pisces — and in order to claim that power, you need do nothing more than be willing to accept a certain responsibility. Though you may feel woefully aware of how little you can do about a certain pressing matter in the short term — in the long term, you have a great deal of control. Just trust your connection to your instinct and spiritual guidance — and just bide your time. A sagacious source will take you where you must go.  

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