Your horoscope for the week ahead: A Mars-Neptune link will bring love, warmth and compassion –

A waning Last Quarter Moon in Gemini kicks off the week on Monday. It is time to make sense of this 29.5-day Lunar Month, which began with the New Moon of August 8. The seeds of the New Moon formed blossoms during the First Quarter phase of August 15, and produced fruit with the Full Moon of August 22. Now is the time for harvest. Look back at all that’s transpired, as this last week of the Lunar Month will reveal the outcome.

Mercury moving into Libra on Monday will assist with your judgment. The clear logic of the Scales of Balance will give you the insight you seek. 

Mars, Hercules of the solar system, meets up with spiritual Neptune on Thursday. Mars will trigger Neptune’s deep connection to your intuitive core. Enthusiastic and ambitious ideas will pop up with this alignment. It will encourage the implementation of enterprising plans with bravery and determination. And you will be able to transform strained ties through love, warmth and compassion. 

Look to the light of Venus after sunset to lift your heart. Jupiter’s sparkling light, too, will shine through the night and embolden your heart with courage and optimism. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, August 30, 2021.


You feel determined to accomplish as much as you can, as fast as you can. Rightly so. There’s so much to do, to think about and to get involved with, that you hardly know where to start or perhaps, more pointedly, where to stop. The Mars-Neptune contact might give you a tendency to push things forward so furiously that you overlook the reasons why they’re not working. Energy does not need to be applied, but common sense does. Check that there isn’t something to be spoiled or some relationship that’s going to get too stressful if you force an issue too hard. 


Partly through force of habit, partly through fear of change, you’re still stuck in a situation that has never really been very good for you. And it’s still spoiling all that could otherwise be so great in your life. You can’t this week, remove a source of aggravation from your world. You can, however, resolve once and for all not to let it bother you ever again. Life is too short for tension or trouble. It’s time for a change. The Mars-Neptune alignment will give you a chance to pry open the door and escape once and for all. You will prove your courage in a most exemplary fashion and open the way to a new and exciting lifestyle.


We can go through phases when our lives feel hopelessly slow or unsatisfactory. You have tasks to perform and obligations to honour. These, though, are not really the factors that are creating stress and tension in your life. There is something else that is contributing, somehow, to this sense of tedium or frustration. You are fed up with a certain factor now. You now ought to be able to rise above it. The Mars-Neptune meeting will help you do just that. You will encounter an opportunity to capitalize on some unexpected developments. Seize the moment and feel good about it. It is intended for you. 


It’s all very well to aspire to be wise, restrained, intelligent and sensible, but life, without at least some silliness, can seem dull or flat. Surprise actions can create excitement and challenging the status quo can set hearts a-flutter. If we were all perfectly serious and responsible all the time, our world might lack colour and fun. The Mars-Neptune alignment is creating an urge in you to pursue something seemingly risky. When you see an exciting possibility, this week, give it your full attention, time and energy. It may have more merit than you think and be well worth pursuing. 


You’ve got some big choices to make. You fear that a negative outcome is inevitable and that whatever you do it will be a mistake. That is a groundless fear. As long as you make a clear choice and act on the purest possible motive, you’ll soon stop feeling trapped or lost. The Mars-Neptune alignment will empower you to take total control of your situation. You have the ability to redirect your path into a better future.  


There is a way to step out of a certain situation that has entangled you in its complexity. You may have problems at the moment — you can’t deny them or pretend that they will all just vanish, but your life is slowly stabilizing and improving at every level. You have a number of straightforward options to choose from and you don’t need any special training. You are ready, now, to turn words into actions and ideas into concrete realities. The Mars-Neptune alignment will direct you to establish a clear set of well thought-through priorities. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to then implement them. 


Much of what you are up against now is essential for ultimately enriching your life. We learn so much through difficulties. It may be a pain, but it’s a pain you have to put up with. You are being granted a lot of additional energy to help cope by the Mars-Neptune alignment. It will advise you on where to direct your attention. With that, you’ll yet succeed. Worry is counterproductive. An extremely powerful and constructive influence is now at work. It will render your current drama irrelevant and make your immediate dilemma seem almost trivial. 


You ought to be doing pretty well now, but you’re not convinced. Be careful that you don’t take a gloomy view of life and your prospects. You could be simply perpetrating a negative stream of thought out of habit. Opportunities may look like trouble. You may fear the element of the unknown that they contain. Maybe you think you know where things are leading, and you don’t like the idea. The Mars-Neptune alignment will have an odd effect because if you don’t know that you are onto a good thing, you’ll soon get a surprise. Break the habit of negative thinking and the picture will suddenly look bright. There is nothing to fear. 


Don’t even bother thinking about the threats to your future progress which are apparently being posed. A positive force field surrounds you. A bubble of cosmic protection envelops you. Fierce and furious faces can scowl at you, but they cannot harm or touch you, unless you allow yourself to be intimidated by them. You can burst your own bubble if you want to, but the clear cosmic promise offered by the Mars-Neptune alignment is that nobody and nothing has the power to do that. You’ve been through a lot, but the future shows a change that you’ll be very happy about. It has a golden sunny hue. 


Some processes have a momentum all of their own. The best you can do is accept their inevitability and then attempt to moderate their outcome. As Mars and Neptune align, you’ll find yourself able to stop something inappropriate from happening. Your only option is to make the best of a weakness in a plan and await your first real opportunity to put it right. Being realistic and pragmatic is essential. You are wise, experienced and blessed with impressive maturity. Your current tensions, handled as intelligently as possible, can yet become tomorrow’s bonds of understanding and respect.  


You’ve been through a lot. There’s plenty, right now, that you could really do without. Think how much easier life would be if you didn’t have to be there, tackle this or deal with that. Be careful not to cling to your fears as most of us do. All will be fine. Even if you are being presented with a hundred reasons why you ought to narrow your sights, they are all false. Don’t just persevere, deliberately redouble your efforts to pursue a bright vision. For as Mars and Neptune now align, you’ll find that if you continue to think high, happy thoughts, you can transcend all the difficulties you currently face. 


A better balance needs to be struck. The Mars-Neptune alignment offers a real chance to attain it. Your strongest urges, deepest needs and most sincere aspirations are being amplified. You can right wrongs and redress imbalances that have been allowed to exist, unchallenged, for ages. Of course, you can’t achieve a situation in which all is permanently placed in perfect proportion. But you can change something crucial. You can make it better. You can commence a process of dialogue that brings a much-improved understanding. And that will prove much more helpful than you might think.

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