Your horoscope for the week ahead: A New Moon in Virgo will be the beginning of something wonderful –

The week starts with a lovely fresh burst of energy as the Moon completes another orbit around our planet and lines up between the Sun and Earth. This is the New Moon and the launch of another 29.5-day Lunar Month. This one will be in Virgo, the sign of nature and the harvest. The season is gradually shifting from summer to fall.

On Monday, the Moon will disappear into the Sun. This is called the Dark of the Moon phase — an ideal day for meditation, when it is possible to receive messages on what the month will bring. 

By Tuesday, she will be reborn after sunset as an exquisite thin sliver of light over the western horizon. As each day unfolds, she will grow larger and appear higher above the horizon. Now is the time to set your plans and intentions, and load her curved gondola shape with your hopes and dreams, so they can take shape over the course of the month. 

Venus forms an auspicious trine to Jupiter, the Great Benefactor, this week. This is a good omen for what the month will bring. Venus will also form a square to Pluto, which indicates it’s possible for a matter of great importance to be dealt with. 

Watch the gondola Moon approach the scintillating light of Venus on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday the two will form a magic union as the Moon positions herself close to Venus. This is another opportunity to think upon your wishes. Venus will enter deep and reflective Scorpio on Friday. It’s time to penetrate the mystery of your existence and your relationships. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, September 6, 2021.


You ought to be cruising through life with ease. Conditions are essentially good. If you find yourself needing to rev your engine or push too hard, it may be a sign that you are attempting to gain something unnecessary. Do what’s easy. While this policy can sometimes lead to laziness or lack of imagination, it’s an appropriate way for you to proceed at the moment. That which arises naturally and sweetly in your life is that which you should place the greatest trust in now. The New Moon in Virgo will lead to a reassuring moment when you make an important discovery about who you really are and what you value. 


You may be feeling as though you are being sucked into something that you seemingly cannot escape. You need not worry. You have more personal power than you realize. The New Moon in Virgo speaks unequivocally about positive progress. It insists that if you cannot walk on your own from here to where you need to be, you will be picked up and taken there by benign forces in the world around you. There are some amazing options on offer to you if you are willing to look for them. Stop thinking about what you can’t do — and look at what can be done. That’s inspiring and surprisingly feasible. 


The New Moon in Virgo suggests that there is a need for a very honest conversation and the inevitability of a great change. There is the fear that someone, somewhere won’t accept this. You are right about a choice that you have made but you will not find it easy to ignore the objections and arguments that you are about to encounter. There will be moments when you doubt yourself and feel inclined to change plans for the sake of an easy life. Just be strong and all will yet work out much better than you expect. You’re about to discover a lot more about who you are and your power of persuasion. 


Some things are easy to understand. They make perfect sense to us from the moment we first come across them. Others somehow fail to compute, no matter how many textbooks we read or experts we consult. When we find ourselves feeling baffled by some complex conundrum, the tendency is to dismiss it as irrelevant. Often, that’s precisely what it is. Every so often though, a mind-boggling notion can have merit and value once you find the key with which to crack the code. The New Moon in Virgo will lead to a triumphant eureka moment that transforms your home and family life. 


It doesn’t take much to make you happy. For all your big aspirations, wild ideas and far-fetched dreams, you can go a long way on a small amount of reassurance. A smile, a nod or a wink from the right person at the right moment can be sufficient to chase the blues and confirm that you are on the right path. The slightest sign of hope on the horizon will banish negativity in an instant. The New Moon in Virgo will lead you to a most encouraging development. It may not seem like a big deal to others, but it will mean a lot to you. And actually, you will be quite right to feel excited by it. 


Your patience is exceptional. You can put up with an awful lot more than most people can. You can carry enormous burdens on your shoulders for surprisingly long periods of time. Recent events, however, have begun to make you feel keen to draw a drama to a close. You want change and you want it now. The New Moon in Virgo is preparing to give you a precious gift. It is a broadened sense of perspective. This enhanced ability to see life from a wider, wiser angle will soon prove immensely valuable. You won’t have to sacrifice anything for it. You are so close to getting what you have been waiting for. 


You have been doing your best to carry a burden for some while. You have done well, yet the process has taken a lot out of you. It has also put certain companions under some stress. While key aspects of your situation have been hard for you to explain or for others to comprehend, there has been no option but to continue along a certain path. The New Moon in Virgo will take care of a relationship and bring healing where it is required. Everything will head in a different, and easier, direction. You are about to accomplish something that you can feel truly proud of. You will reach your long-yearned-for target. 


Severe storms are rarely enjoyable. They are downright scary. But when they subside and the world becomes still once more, we appreciate the peace far more. Recent upheaval in your life has actually made a constructive contribution to your situation. It has not only shown you what you don’t want, it has made you feel more certain about what you do want and how to get it. The New Moon in Virgo will give you a clear idea about what needs to happen next. There are, of course, reasons why it might not be as great an idea as you think but then, no idea is ever flawless. If you know the drawbacks, you can easily avoid them. 


Someone you know has information you need. All you have to do is work out who it is — and ask them. The trouble is that you don’t much like asking anyone anything. You far prefer to be the one who is doing the telling. There’s another troubling issue too. The person that you now need to ask is someone whose opinions you do not normally agree with. But then, you’re not asking for an opinion now. As long as you don’t phrase your questions contentiously, you are not going to get one. The New Moon in Virgo will help you get certain facts straight. The resulting clarity is exactly what you want. 


Not all your friends are true friends but those who are, are special indeed. Much the same can now be said of your opportunities. Some should not be taken too seriously, but in your heart, you know which ones are vital and valid. Apply some discrimination to your situation. The New Moon in Virgo will show you how to weed out the rubbish. Look at what’s potentially brilliant and polish it till it shines. There is always a solution to be found. An inner voice is directing you toward a new path that will bring certainty where all has been nebulous.


If you just don’t know what to say, it might be better to say nothing. Ideas can be communicated without verbal communications. They transmit between minds without saying anything. That’s why you have to be careful of what you are thinking. If you’re thinking something negative about someone, they will feel an uncomfortable vibe. But if you feel positive and comfortable with what you are thinking, it is probably safe to bring it up. If you have to lay down the law and not leave it up to others to make choices, you will find that this New Moon in Virgo creates a mood when you can confidently use more determined dictation. 


Life is too short to waste wrestling with old problems that refuse to go away. If they won’t clear themselves up swiftly, you’re going to have to absent yourself from situations that only ever leave you unhappy. This is not escapism through cowardice but rather an escape from an oppressive, unfair situation that has no right to hold you. The world will applaud your courage. You are now sorely needed back in the part of the world of successful achievement where you belong. Don’t get caught up this week in some futile drama that risks wasting your energy. The Moon in Virgo will help keep you free and independent.

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