Your horoscope for the week ahead: Time to get things in order before Mercury goes retrograde –

This week will provide some memories you won’t forget. They should be good memories. The week gets off to a feisty start with a Moon in Aries. This will give you the tonic you need to get essential tasks done that need to be completed before next week’s Mercury retrograde gets underway. It also provides a timely fanfare for the Sun entering freedom-loving Aquarius on Tuesday. 

We’ve entered the slipstream of that Mercury retrograde now, so keep track of ideas, thoughts and plans that are entering into your consciousness. Some of these will be highlighted in the three-week retrograde which begins on January 30. 

Mars will meet up with Uranus on Wednesday right on the day of the First Quarter Moon. The two planets are forming a highly dynamic angle to Jupiter and Saturn. The tension is high, but if used wisely it will augment your personal power. Stay positive and remain focused on all that is good in your life. 

The end of the week delivers a high-energy Mars square Jupiter, but all will end well with a harmonious Venus-Neptune link. Venus represents life on Earth and Neptune represents spiritual understanding. And then, finally, the Sun and Mercury will meet up in a union that will give you laser beam focus and clarity on important life path decisions.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, January 18, 2021.


Without failures and disappointments, we would never understand the joy of success. Problems often arise because the spectre of failure creates fear and raises the expectation of calamities. The Sun-Saturn union will not allow your resolve to falter. You have fought hard and you must continue to do so. Rather than drive yourself crazy this week, just leave the things that aren’t working to work themselves out. Be more relaxed. Just do what feels right in your heart and never mind what your head says. Then, slowly, all that now seems so complicated will resolve itself amicably and easily.


We have our memories. Some of them lurk in the dark corners of our mind and continue to haunt us for years and years. You now need to let go of an uneasy memory from the relatively recent past. It may yet prove easier to free yourself from its power than you think. The tension can be eased by making time to relax, which will help your personal power grow. As it does your problems will shrivel up like dried weeds. Life will become less complicated. The Sun-Saturn union will take you along a path that will guide you away from an aggravating past to a place of peace and harmony.    


The level of anxiety affecting you now is based on exaggerated fear. A tough emotional quagmire looms in front of you that has been created by your imagination. There is most certainly an element of risk, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. It appears to be a problem that’s been a longstanding issue, but this time you will have a better handle on it. A major block will be overcome. Don’t worry about a past decision or the future ramifications of this decision. What should concern you is the present moment. Honour that with what it clearly deserves and all else will take care of itself. Relief and liberation will be your reward.


Things are different now. Indeed, they many never be quite the same ever again. Not everything on the surface has altered, but deep down where it matters, there has been a seismic shift. The tectonic plates of your life have changed position. The earth has moved. It may take a while to adjust to this. At first you may wonder whether you feel good about what has happened, but ultimately it will dawn on you that you are in a much better place now. You are truly much better off. The Sun-Saturn union will give you the clarity to see reality as it really is. And you’re going to like it a lot. 


Some people truly enjoy being pessimistic. Cynicism makes them smile. Gloom gives them a glow. It’s a free world. We are not all obliged to be optimists. We are perfectly entitled to take our pleasure wherever we can find it as long as it doesn’t harm others. But surely optimism brings us more joy. And the object of this life is to be happy, to enjoy the journey and all the experiences. The Sun-Saturn union will bring a big lesson. You are not a puppet on a string. You are the puppeteer tugging on the strings. You have the power to choose your feelings and attitude and thus be the master of your life. 


They say we become like the company we keep. Let us hope that it doesn’t happen too quickly. There are certain people whose examples you do not wish to emulate. Have more faith in your own integrity and be less concerned about the idea that their actions can influence you in any way. The Sun-Saturn union is giving your sense of identity some real back bone. Realisations will come. You’re reinforcing your boundaries. Strong castle walls are being constructed. Be brave enough to learn the lesson life wants to teach you and life will become instantly happier and more fulfilling. 


Although it may not seem so, an important process is working out for you in the best way possible — no doubt about it. The Sun-Saturn union is making sure of that. You are on the verge of discovering that a recent error of judgment has shifted your trajectory in such a way that you will find yourself at the right place and the right time to facilitate an auspicious and supremely lucky encounter. A moment of completion is nearer than you think. You have developed techniques and strategies for coping with challenges. This week brings a valuable discovery and a liberating decision. 


It is easy to see what others want you to see, but you have to stay loyal and true to what you see. The turbulence that’s blown into a sensitive area of your life has pushed you off your objectives. The upside about this is how it is pressing you into following your own priorities. This is crucial. It is certainly bringing out the best in you. Challenges always do. What you are going through is, believe it or not, leading you to success. The Sun-Saturn union will put you back in control of a certain important matter. You’ll see yourself through to success. And what’s more you’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction of having done so. 


Unlike you, most people don’t make good listeners. Perhaps their attention span is at fault, they just don’t care enough or maybe they are buried too deeply within their own problems. Give a certain person the benefit of the doubt. Whatever the case, it’s nothing personal. It’s simply their own worries and concerns that are making them behave a little strangely. Do your best to work with them. The Sun-Saturn alignment will give you the mental focus to pull everything together. Take the path of least resistance. Give the day a chance to bring you what it wants to bring you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 


Some people always look for the negative outcomes. If something runs the risk of going wrong, you can count on them to reinforce the worst-case scenario and beat the drums of failure. In dealing with the challenges and difficulties you face, it is imperative to see the bright side. It is fine to take two steps forward and one step back, just so long as you’re moving in the right direction. The key to tomorrow lies in your hands today. Deal properly with ‘what is’, and then ‘what will be’ will come quite naturally. The Sun-Saturn union will steer an important process to success and happiness. 


The harder life becomes, the more we worry. And the more we worry, the harder life becomes. To get a grip on this vicious circle focus on pleasant thoughts. Embrace your ideas with enthusiasm. In some mysterious way, this attracts good luck. When facing challenges, it is essential to be as buoyant and determined as possible in spirit and attitude. The Sun-Saturn union will guide you in appreciating the gravitas of your situation without getting stressed about it. Have faith in your abilities. It’s not a victory you need this week, it’s a sense of satisfaction. And that’s precisely what you are about to get. 


There are plenty of good ideas that need to be researched and investigated. Certain tantalizing possibilities have the potential to become reality. Focus on a clear picture of where you see your life going. By knowing what you desire, you’ll be able to prioritize your options in the most efficacious manner. There is every reason to believe that you will achieve the satisfaction you so zealously seek. The Sun-Saturn union will give you the ability to cut to the chase and find the quickest solution. You can’t change the world this week, but you can make an enormous difference.

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