Your horoscope for the week ahead: Unfulfilled dreams may suddenly become a reality –

There is a lot to look forward to this week. Jupiter’s entry into Pisces last week is a game-changer. Jupiter is known for ruling Sagittarius, but he also rules Pisces. Being on his own home turf will contribute to clement astrological weather. This will help you feel cheerful despite whatever challenges you are facing. It will put you on exactly the right track. Jupiter in Pisces will keep you in a buoyant mood.  

On Thursday, the Sun leaves Taurus and enters the mutable sign of Gemini. This is the season of transition from spring to summer. The days are getting warmer and longer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun is higher in the sky. With Gemini season, the emphasis will be on communication and technology. 

The Sun in Gemini suggests that the dreams we have all been unable to fulfil may suddenly become much easier to turn into reality. And the things we have all been unable to say, suddenly become much easier to express. 

Both Mercury and Venus in Gemini are visible in the western sky right after sunset. The waxing Moon will be nearby. So, get yourself to a good viewpoint and breathe in the beauty and inspiration this trio will provide.  

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 17, 2021.


Achieving a certain heartfelt goal is proving rather hard. Words have a multiplicity of meanings, especially when you are trying to explain something where context is needed for clarity. It forces you, sometimes, to guess and hope for the best. What you really need right now is to be succinct and concise about what you desire. You have recently developed a notion about what’s really going on. As the Sun moves into Gemini, there is a need to explain yourself with clarity and practicality. It may involve clearing up a misunderstanding you didn’t even know existed with a particular person. 


You have made up your mind and you will not be swayed. You just need a spark to get it going. This week brings an inspired idea. Careful not to label it as a mere flight of fancy. You can count on the Sun in Gemini to keep your feet on the ground while your head goes skyward. You will have to be a bit of an opportunist. You have to be clever enough to recognize an opportunity when you see one and seize it. If you can truly imagine something happening, you can set the ball rolling and turn it into reality. If you can’t, well, how are you ever going to know if you have a chance or not? Don’t dismiss it. It’s real. 


You harbour nagging doubts that you hardly dare to confess to anyone lest you are guilty of spreading negative expectations. These will not go away until, or unless, you air them. Only by summoning the courage to reveal a weakness will you be able to acquire a most valuable perspective. Don’t be so sure of the answer that you fail to phrase a crucial question. Some processes that ought to be simple end up lasting an eternity. Right now, you face a big choice. One path will cause you to keep wandering around in a lot more circles. The other will take you straight to where you need to be. The Sun in Gemini will guide you making a wise choice. 


People see what they want to see. This makes it very difficult if you need to make someone see things from your point of view. To make any headway in a difference of opinion, you first need to find out what their point of view is. Essentially, you have to convince them that, in supporting your idea, they are actually confirming their own. You’ll have to be clever. The Socratic method relies on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking. The Sun in Gemini this week will help you formulate the logic of your reasoning and make it very convincing to someone that needs to be uplifted. 


How can you be sure that your enthusiasm is not ill-founded? Apparently, you are becoming suspicious of your own optimism. You are concerned that you will allow yourself to expect too much and then have to deal with the subsequent let down. But if you don’t give yourself the chance to find out, you will never know quite what’s possible and what’s not. The Sun in Gemini this week will give you enough common sense to ensure that your optimism is firmly based in reality without squashing your imagination. You need just enough common sense, blended with a small degree of risk, to strike the right balance. 


No matter how well you know someone, you can always be surprised by their behaviour. People change, adapt and adjust to new circumstances. Or they suddenly release tensions or anxieties that they have been secretly bottling up for years. We all have to be as patient and understanding of each other as we possibly can. And we also have to be particularly vigilant about the judgments we reach and the opinions we form. The Sun’s entry into Gemini this week will make you conscious of the fact that none of us is immune from outbreaks of odd behaviour from time to time. Tolerance is virtue. 


Certain people wish you well. Their identities may come as a surprise to you. You may not have friends in high places, but you certainly have them in influential locations. Be careful, then, who you criticize or how loudly you complain. You may yet discover, this week, that an apparent enemy or adversary is actually doing their very best to further your cause. Be nice to everyone. You have been reading the signs and observing behaviour but have come to the wrong conclusions. The Sun entering Gemini this week is enhancing your charm and charisma. You’re probably not aware of how influential you are becoming. 


Some people will tell you anything to clinch a deal or convince you of something that is misleading. Some close companions will promise you the stars to win your cooperation for their latest project. But if you really want to know what kind of person you are dealing with, look at their track record. Life is surrounding you with a series of tempting propositions. Ninety per cent of these are unlikely ever to come to anything. Go with the one idea you can trust. The Sun in Gemini will help you see through the deception straight through to the honest core of what’s being said. This is a time during which you need to read between the lines.


Normally, you’d be able to take your current situation in stride. There is, after all, nothing seriously wrong. It’s just that, for some reason, you feel a sense of pressure. Several long-running sagas are now coming to a conclusion. Try to take the pressure off yourself and you’ll soon see how to proceed. In fact, you’ll be happy to know that things are looking quite auspicious for you. If you are searching for the kind of luck that only comes up on rare occasions, you may just find it. With the Sun moving into Gemini, you can expect the impossible to prove possible. If you think positively enough, you may just make it happen. 


Your heart knows what it wants. Your head, though, is not so sure. It won’t contemplate the yearning that you secretly feel. It wants you to be pragmatic, sensible, wise and firm, but your heart is impatient. It wants its demands to be met. Regardless of how far-fetched a dream you have may be, it would do you good to indulge in it just a little. Be realistic by all means but permit yourself the chance to give expression to your true feelings. Your inner yearning needs to be recognized. The Sun’s entry into Gemini will form a connection with your heart that will allow it to express itself in a most satisfying way.   


You’ve been doing your best to escape the time-space continuum. Knowing you, you might succeed. You don’t have to keep going around in circles forever. The Sun’s entry in Gemini this week brings a real chance to break out of this rut. You are about to pass a significant point. It will soon be clear that you are entering fresh territory. New signs of hope and support are appearing all around. You will, this week, become obliged to recognize a false assumption and replace it with a more realistic appraisal of what’s possible. Put aside your misgivings. This is due to be an exceptional week. 


People are oblivious to what’s really happening in a key situation in which you are involved. If you don’t do something about it no one else will. The Sun in Gemini this week will show you how to get around a certain commitment in a way that will be agreeable to all parties concerned. You’ll be surprised to find that others are also quite interested in altering certain basic factors too. This will ease the pressure and fire you up with passion and determination to follow the calling of your heart. You will feel enlightened, inspired and encouraged. And you’ll wonder why you were so worried about it all. 

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